News Leaders Debate Civic Role of Journalism

SUMMIT NJ:  Five leading journalists discuss the essential purposes of news, and the needs of our democracy in the next 15 years. This 'non-partisan, no-blame' forum steers clear of finance and politics, and focuses on citizens as creative problem-solvers.  Terry Baker (Al Jazeera America), Mark Di Ionno (The Star-Ledger), Jim Schachter (WNYC), Kate Tomlinson (New Jersey Monthly), and Mary Alice Williams (NJTV) share stories, passions, and perspectives on their careers and lives.   Co-presented by Interweave & NJ Arts News. March 2, 2015


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4:50 - What Drew You Into Journalism? 

14:21 - Two Greatest Challenges for All Citizens

37:07 - Hypothetical: Ideally, What Might News Be? 

55:01 - What Do You Love Most About Journalism?