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Stormwater Utilities Webinar

Stormwater management is a prominent policy issue affecting New Jersey residents. Whether it is through combined sewer overflows, flooded basements, destroyed businesses and infrastructure, or snarled traffic, our antiquated infrastructure cannot manage the needs of the densest state in the nation. To make matters more challenging, New Jersey's stormwater management infrastructure suffers from a $16 billion funding deficit. Therefore, how can cities, municipalities, or counties manage their stormwater more equitably and invest in green infrastructure?

To learn more: join Henry Gajda, New Jersey LCV; Andy Kricun, Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority; and, Gary Brune, New Jersey Future, in a webinar that explores the threats stormwater and flooding poses to our state, what stormwater utilities are and how they function, how these flood defense programs could be implemented in New Jersey, and what you can do to get involved and stay engaged.

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