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From our Archive: Rutgers University

2010 - "Just believe in the young people, because they really are capable," says Suzanne Delehanty, former Director, Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers.   More than 550 students fill the Zimmerli for the 2nd Annual Masquerade Ball and are wowed by the art amidst music, colorful masks, food and dancing.  The Museum holds the largest collection of non-conformist Soviet-era art outside of Russia. 

2012 - An ambitious 5-month project entitled "The Fertile Crescent: Gender, Art, and Society" features 24 women artists from 11 Middle Eastern nations: Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Kuwait, Palestine, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, Syria, Pakistan, and Nigeria. The massive program includes over 50 free events in New Brunswick, Princeton, and at the College of NJ. 

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Obama's Civic Message at Rutgers University, New Brunswick
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Claude Shannon, "Father of Information Theory," Celebrated at Bell Labs
By Susan Haig
Two hundred and fifty information theorists, scientists, engineers and researchers.... Read More

My Sustainable Day in Summit - in the year 2026
By Dr. Marian Glenn
March 30, 2026 - I started the day by making an omelet with fresh eggs... Read more

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The papal encyclical, Laudato Si', provides a deeply coherent basis for understanding society, ecology and the environment. Enjoy key words and phrases below. 

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"The lessons of the global financial crisis have not been assimilated, and we are learning all too slowly the lessons of environmental deterioration." [109]  Read more

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