Dr. Betty Adams, historian, author of "Black Women's Christian Activism
Susan Permahos, Director, Summit Free Public Library    


Trenton City Museum Remembers Singer/Actor Paul Robeson

World-renowned singer, actor, Rutgers valedictorian, and Princeton native Paul Robeson is currently featured at the Trenton City Museum (through Spring 2017), as well as at Rutgers-University Newark during the week of Apr. 3 - 10, 2017. 

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Jan 13, 2017  Paul Robeson Remembered at Trenton City Museum & Rutgers-Newark

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The papal encyclical, Laudato Si', provides a deeply coherent basis for understanding society, ecology and the environment. Enjoy key words and phrases below. 

Powerful phrases from Laudato Si'
The lessons of the global financial crisis have not been assimilated, and we are learning all too slowly the lessons of environmental deterioration." [109]  Read more

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  • economic/economy      81
  • wealth/wealthier           4

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