Tax Forum Enlightened by Democratic Aims


The 'what, why, and how' of taxes in NJ is described in vivid and sometimes humorous terms by four legal and financial experts: Claire Toth, VP of Point View Wealth Management; Frank Bolden, Retired VP Diversity, Worldwide, for Johnson & Johnson; John Reitmeyer, Reporter for NJ Spotlight; and Jerry Webman, Retired Chief Economist, OppenheimerFunds. The half-hour video includes highlights from the April 4 public forum entitled "Rethinking Taxes: can we restructure, what's reasonable, what's next," presented by CivicStory at the Summit Free Public Library. Read More

Toth takes the first stab at untangling our complex tax policies: "With taxes you want fair, you want easy, and you also want something that's fairly easy for the government to enforce.  I'd be happy with two out of three." 

Webman takes issue with "things built into the tax code that create irrationality, that create unfairness, that some people can take advantage of and others can't." But he affirms the idea that "we have a responsibility as citizens to promote what is in our fellow citizens' best interest, even if we disagree about what that might be." [29:00]