Community Q&A: What is an 'S-REC?' What's 'virtual net-metering?' Summit's Bill Thar asks: Are there municipalities "that have gotten their act together to decide what needs to be done at a community level and what should be done at the homeowner level?" Video TRT: 6:45.  (CivicStory Forum Highlights, Oct. 18, 2017.)  

"The most important thing is to get the utilities engaged...and on board with community solar, virtual net metering...buying long-term S-RECs, these are all things that contribute to a stable distributed generation environment." -Laura Stern, Co-Founder of Nautilus Solar Energy, Summit, NJ.

Transcript of Forum Highlights:

Video #5 ~ Summit Grapples With Solar Energy

Public Forum Oct. 18, 2017, Central Presbyterian Church Auditorium, Summit, NJ

Laura Stern, Co-Founder, Nautilus Solar Energy
Richard Dovey, President, Atlantic County Utility Authority
Laura Mandell, (attendee) Warren Green Team
Scott Fischer, Managing Partner, Ciel Power
Bill Thar, (attendee) Summit resident
Frank Curran, Owner, Green House Solar & Electric