Video: Civics Mix Episode 1: Rosemarie Gelber and Rev. Greg Davis [29:07]


Rosemarie Gelber, Photographer
Photographer, ESL Director, and Summit resident Rosemarie Gelber majored in Liberal Arts and Art History at Syracuse University.   After several years of 'temp work' and volunteer work, she pursued a master's degree in Hospital Administration at George Washington University. She began work as an intern and eventually became Vice-President of Administration at Holy Cross Hospital in Washington, D.C.

Reverend Greg Davis, Youth Minister
Rev. Greg Davis, Minister to Youth at Fountain Baptist Church, received a Master of Divinity at Drew University after a varied career in product marketing and sales.  Rev. Davis received his undergraduate degree in management, and worked as a stockbroker and in sales with companies including Merrill Lynch, AT&T, and Reebok, before pivoting to youth ministry and mentoring youth through the Pride in Education (P.E.P.) Program in Summit.