VIDEO: Organist Nathan Laube Powers 'One-Man Orchestra' Ocean Grove, NJ

VIDEO: Organist Nathan Laube Powers 'One-Man Orchestra" at Ocean Grove

24-year old concert organist, Nathan Laube, has played many of the world's largest pipe organs. He recently 'pulled out all the stops' on the great symphonic organ in Ocean Grove, NJ - the 17th largest in the world.

The organ has five keyboards (or manuals), a pedal board (or 'keyboard for the feet'), hundreds of stops, and over 11,000 pipes. As Laube explains, "You have this incredible machine you're driving. It's like the cockpit of an airplane."

Laube studied at the Curtis Institute of Music and assisted on the Wanamaker Organ in Philadelphia. He is currently Artist-in-Residence at the American Cathedral in Paris. 

Musical excerpts from the Ocean Grove concert include Widor's Symphony no. 5, Durufle's Suite for Organ, Mendelssohn's Variations Serieuses, and Liszt's Les Preludes. (August 8, 2012)