VIDEO: Trenton's Cadwalader Park - Dancescapes [3:11]

VIDEO: Passage Theatre Presents Dance, Jazz, Poetry in Trenton's Cadwalader Park

Cadwalader Park, Trenton. 100-acres of urban landscape came alive with dance and music through a creative collaboration called DanceScapes NJ, presented by Passage Theatre, a Trenton based company. Key partners were DanceSpora dance troupe, and the D&R Greenway Land Trust. (Oct. 6, 2012)

"I spent a lot of time as a child in this park," says Jay Watson, VP of D&R Greenway. "This park really shaped me and turned me into an environmentalist."

The centerpiece of the multi-arts event was a dance piece, Rapture For a Season, choreographed by Heidi Cruz-Austin. The work featured eight dancers accompanied by the young jazz quintet, ReBop, lead by 16-year-old trumpeter Alonzo Ryan. 

Passage Theatre producer Kacy O'Brien called the event an opportunity to "get to know Cadwalader Park in a different way."