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Interested in reporting on New Jersey's transition to a healthy future through sustainability action across the Garden State? Passionate about quality journalism that empowers citizens? We’re offering eight early-to-mid-career journalists a brand new fellowship opportunity.

The New Jersey Sustainability Reporting Hub is a statewide media collaborative that aims to help speed our transition from fossil fuels, and restore healthy living environments for future generations. Eight chosen fellows, and their editors, will have opportunities for orientation and training, briefings, field trips, collaboration, mentorship, and groundbreaking assignments. Fellowships last from August 2019 through January 2020.

Apply now through your newsroom! Download the fellowship application form here.


CivicStory, a solutions-based nonprofit news site, will provide stipends to eight newsrooms to support multimedia reporting fellows for this project. Articles, videos, audio pieces, photo-essays produced by the fellows will first be published by their newsroom, then shared with the Hub’s media affiliates, educational institutions, the NJ News Commons, and a wide circle of nonprofit organizations.

Fellowships begin in August with three days of orientation, training and field trips. This immersive program will provide self-motivated, passionate journalists with expertise, insight, contacts within organizations, access to databases, and a myriad of story ideas. The fellows will highlight sustainability trends and action around the state, and uncover under-reported stories. Their timely reports on newsworthy activity in New Jersey will be amplified and disseminated by partner organizations, including colleges, universities and nonprofits.


Sustainability reporting brings to light newsworthy action and initiatives that promote healthy environments for future generations. Topics covered could include food choice and waste reduction, storm water management, net zero energy, clean energy, home fuel conservation, water, soil, and air quality remediation, biodiversity, compost, native plants, transportation choices and issues, green cleaning, natural lawn care, and more.


The four founding nonprofit partners in this initiative are CivicStory (project lead), the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University, the New Jersey Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability, and the Alliance for New Jersey Environmental Education.


Send a cover letter (one page or less), your resume, two of your best clips, and a signed application form to the Project Manager, Editors@CivicStory.org. Final candidates will be interviewed the week of June 24. Reporting fellows must be available as of August 5, 2019.

Note: Freelance journalists must apply through a newsroom and provide a newsroom editor’s signature on the application

CivicStory and New Jersey Sustainability Reporting Hub founding partners seek applicants of diverse backgrounds, ages, experience levels, media, and areas of focus and interest.

For more information, contact the Project Manager: Editors@CivicStory.org.

We look forward to working together!