CivicStory is a nonprofit news site and producer of short videos highlighting civics, sustainability, and creative growth in New Jersey's cities and beyond. Our mission is to broaden the news through videos and dialogue about civic growth and constructive change.                                             


We view civics as the practice of good citizenship, the creative role of citizens in transforming their communities, and the responsibilities of ordinary citizens in public life.    

How is Our Work Unique?        

  • Evergreen Our stories stay relevant and can be repurposed for educational use. 
  • Civics-based We view citizens not as consumers but as builders of relationships and communities.   
  • Humanities-oriented We think critically about language and meaning in a diverse democratic society.
  • Nonpartisan, no-blame We assume that all citizens are ultimately responsible for our society as a whole. 
  • NJ-focused We showcase New Jersey while engaging in a national conversation.


We believe that a thriving democracy requires a deeply engaged citizenry, and that daily news has the potential to foster learning, innovation, and problem solving in America and throughout the world.  Increasing this capacity is a matter of significance and urgency.  

We value the unique talents and experiences of every human being, and envision a diverse, contributive society in which all citizens participate meaningfully and constructively.