New Video: Newark DIG - Doing Infrastructure Green

Citizens, Nonprofits Collaborate on Storm Water Management

To address the issue of potential flooding in Newark during heavy rains, a newly released video captures the efforts of a coalition of 14 civic, academic, and service organizations to educate the city’s residents on ways to better manage stormwater runoff.
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Berkeley Heights Voting Block Voices Hope, With a Side of Caution

CivicStory in Nationwide Effort to Strengthen Nonprofit News

CivicStory is honored to be one of two NJ nonprofit news sites, along with NJ Spotlight, selected for the national News Match campaign to advance nonprofit news across the country. Individual donations (up to $1,000) made to CivicStory now through Dec. 31 will be matched through News Match, funded by the Democracy Fund, the John & James R. Knight Foundation, and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. CivicStory's News Match campaign goal is $28,000. Be sure your support goes twice as far! DONATE HERE.  Thank you!

Camden Changing

"How do we connect the economic power of large corporations with the resident and small businesses," asks Raymond Lamboy, President and CEO of the Latin American Development Association. "Locking arms and opening the lines of communication is the most powerful thing."[1:40]

Heart of the City-TRENTON

"I'm excited by the people -particularly younger people - making a reinvestment in the city," says Dr. George Pruitt, President, Thomas Edison State University. [23:00]

NEWARK Video Reveals Civic Sensibility of the Next Generation

"For change to happen, it has to begin with us," says Allyza Umali, graduate of Rutgers University-Newark. "If we have a voice, then use it!" [16:00]  

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CivicStory's Heart of the City-NEWARK

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CivicStory's Heart of the City-TRENTON

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2. When and how was Inauguration Day moved from March 4 to January 20?

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4. When is Election Day, 2017?

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The papal encyclical, Laudato Si', provides a deeply coherent basis for understanding society, ecology and the environment. Enjoy key words and phrases below. 

Powerful phrases from Laudato Si'
The lessons of the global financial crisis have not been assimilated, and we are learning all too slowly the lessons of environmental deterioration." [109]  Read more

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  • economic/economy      81
  • wealth/wealthier           4

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