CivicStory is a cultural news site and producer of short-form videos highlighting transformative activity in New Jersey and beyond.  Founded in 2009 under the name NJ Arts News, the site was a constructive response to a lack of arts and cultural content on local TV news programs. Founder and Creative Director Susan Haig, a music director with broad experience conducting orchestras in the US and Canada, aimed to deepen public engagement in arts and culture through the vernacular form of TV news, and increase the perceived value of the arts by news directors and the public. 

Our original creative team comprising professional video editors and an Emmy Award-winning producer developed a lively, condensed narrative style integrating arts footage with interviews and voice-over.  CivicStory's diverse inventory now encompasses more than 80 videos that focus on humanities, civics, and sustainability, as well as arts. More than 30 of these videos have aired on NJTV News, on WHYY’s, in radio form on WBGO (Newark), and on local cable stations throughout New Jersey.  Since 2010, we have also collaborated with news professionals and public humanities scholars to present forums and dialogues exploring civics-based journalism, and the civic role and purpose of news. 

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